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Our company has always strongly believed in the management systems as an essential instrument to grow and with this aim had already got the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The quality management system has given us the chance for a development, first of all, in terms of quality assurance of our products and, secondly, as a real management system of our company. This fact has allowed us to preserve and strengthen the relations with our customers both in the automotive and marine sectors.

We have also desired to develop our company focusing on environmental topics because we all forget too often that an economic development that exploits the natural resources without any limits will extinguish its own effects in as short time. We are convinced that –in the lung run- a clean environment is essential for a better life and to have the chance to go on working also and, therefore, it is necessary to preserve and protect it.

That does not mean to keep “untouched” the environment we work in but to guarantee a balance between human activities and environment so to preserve along the time the chance to utilise it as a mean of development.

Having this mind, OBA started the process for the ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFCATE in May 2004 and we finally got it in November 2005.

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