OBA started up in 1970 by Mr Adolfo Broccoli, thanks to his twenty-year experience, he starts the production of car accessories for the aftermarket and in particular:
o Chromed exhaust trims o Sports steering wheels.

In 1972 OBA appears on the European market and acquires important customers in France, Spain, Great Britain and Switzerland.

From 1972 to 1979, OBA makes its self known in Europe and succeeds in bringing its trademark to the same level as that of the most important manufacturers of the sector.

In 1980, thanks to the experience achieved in the production of steering wheels, OBA starts to design steering wheels suitable for the motorboat and speedboat market. In a few years its customers are amongst the most important boat manufactures of the U.S.

In 1991, OBA makes a huge investment so as to adjust the company to the car safety regulations. OBA carries out a technical survey on specific materials for the production of its own steering wheels, and afterwards it enters the German market obtaining the TUV approval on steering wheels and hub kits.

In 1992, OBA quality is recognised also by car manufacturers such as FIAT. The OBA steering wheel is assembled on a production of special Fiat Tipo cars.

In August 1996, after a challenging procedure which revolutionises OBA's quality system, OBA obtains their first certification for its own quality system according to the ISO 9002 regulations.

In September 1999, due to the continuous expansion of projects for car manufacturers
(Mitsubishi, Toyota, Rover, Jaguar) which require a specific design procedure, OBA applies for and obtains its own quality system according to the ISO 9001 regulations.

In September 2002 we obtained the ISO 9001:2000.


Today, OBA serves important clients with a substantial turnover achieved year after year thanks to these customers.

At the moment, OBA is working in order to develop its own structure so as to be able to efficiently meet the increasing demands of car manufacturers.

OBA's top management, employ's an increasing quantity of humane resources to guarantee the improvement of the design procedure, the reduction of production lead times and the reduction of non-conformity items.

This commitment can be resumed as follows:

  • Greater staff training;
  • Improvement of the Quality System;
  • Instrumentation suitable for procedure control;
  • Technically advanced machinery.

At present OBA counts on an internal staff of 18 people and an associated company of additional 6 people. OBA carries out just a few stages of its own production cycle. We have a number of suppliers and third parties equipped to carry out the other stages of the machining, packaging etc who are all monitored by OBA and work to our quality requirements.

In 2003 OBA srl has changed hands and has become “OBA Tradizione Futura srl”. The founder, Adolfo Broccoli has passed the direction of the Company to his son Giancarlo Broccoli, who has spent more than 20 years in different departments within the company.

This experience has allowed him to carry on in his fathers footsteps with renewed enthusiasm, the good work done to date by his father over the past years (OBA Tradizione) and to bring the company towards new objectives (OBA Futura).

Today OBA Tradizione Futura is able to provide a 360° service, starting with the proposal of an idea, or from the creating of sketches for the choice of the product to complete development of production process with the choice of material most adapt with the most economical work phases; to the making of all necessary tools and production planning with relative quality control sheets right up to delivery to the end customer.

Over the past years OBA Tradizione Futura has invested in development and research of new technologies in the use of aluminium in car accessories. This experience has allowed us to expand our product line, particularly with aluminium pedal kits with modern designs and applied technology to various accessories for car manufacturers becoming a leader in production of aluminium pedals both sporty and elegant, scuff plates with custom logo, J gates, aluminium gear knobs and bezels for panel decoration. The increase in product range together with client satisfaction paved the way for OBA Tradizione Futura to become tier 1 supplier to Toyota with a range of accessories on a JIT basis.


OBA Tradizione Futura's aim is to increase further it's customer portfolio, particularly towards car manufacturers. At present we are working on projects with car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Jaguar and Peugeot and will continue to increase and diversify it's product range.

OBA Tradizione Futura has invested in further resources to increase the number of accessories in aluminium for application on the exterior of the vehicle, such as trunk garnishes, bumper and door protections, mirror covers etc.

Increased Quality system remains one of our main objectives to give major guarantee to our clients and increase security in production processes. We continue our aim to monitor and eliminate SoC (Substances of Concern) in material and processes, in respect of the environment and are working to obtain the UNI EN 14001 certification within 2005.

"OBA Tradizione Futura S.r.l. has implemented a REACh managment system that allows its products to fullfil REACh Requirement”.

OBA Tradizione Futura

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