The present Privacy statement is formulated to accomplish the European Authority Recommendation number 2/2001 for protection of personal data within the Group established under art. 29 of the CE directive number 95/46/CE, adopted on May 17th 2001 to identify some minimum requirements regarding gathering of personal data on-line. In particular, the conditions, timing and nature of information that owners of the web site have to provide to the users when they connect to the web page independently of the reason of the connection. The information is supplied by

OBA Tradizione Futura srl
Via di Mezzo Levante, 1183
40014 Crevalcore (BO) – Italy
Tel. +39-051-6802011
Fax +39-051-980692

as controller of the personal data bank solely for web site and for no other web site the user may connect to through a link.

General Information
This web site could contain data as per following conditions :

- The user can use the e-mail addresses found on the web site to spontaneously contact OBA Tradizione Futura srl. Regarding the processing of personal data, according to article 13 of DLgs. number 196/2003 (“Code on the subject of personal data”) makes known that in sending optionally, explicitly and willingly an e-mail to the indicated web site this implies the users address to be known to be able to reply to stated requests together with other personal data contained therein.

- The user can freely register to a special mailing list to receive trade information (see “Contact”). In relation to this option, a specific information sheet is obtainable here.

Further specific information will be progressively placed or displayed in a pre-disposed web site page for particular requests.

Absence of occult or invisible processings (cookies, ect.)
No users personal data will be purposely obtained from the web site.
Cookies are not used as a form of transmission of personal data, nor are any type cookies used in user tracking.

The use of session cookies (they are not memorised in a persistent way on the users computer and vanish with the browser termination) is strictly limited to the transmission to session identification ( established by casual numbers generated by the server) and are needed to be able to explore the web site in a safe and efficient way.

The session cookies used in this web site avoid resorting to other potentially prejudicial data processing techniques for the users privacy and do not allow the acquisition of the users personal data.

OBA Tradizione Futura

Via di Mezzo Levante, 1183 - 40014 Crevalcore (BO) - Italy
Tel. +39-051-6802011 Fax +39-051-980692 -